Welcome to Created With Hope!

Welcome to Created With Hope!

Hi everyone! 

My name is Katie, and I'm a stay at home mom to two beautiful babies. Age 2.5 & 10 months now. My daughter is currently battling kidney disease and end stage renal failure. She is being treated with dialysis until she is big enough to receive a kidney transplant. 

After she spent 3 months in a NICU that was 5 hours away from our home, here in WV, we found ourselves in a really tough financial state. We had completely drained our savings account trying to live in 2 places at the same time. 
So, we finally got her home and I began to work on a business plan! I wanted to turn what I love to do as a hobby, into a second income for our family. 
I spent weeks coming up with my plan, getting organized, making products, social media - but I didn't have a NAME for my business yet! 

It hit me out of nowhere while I was washing dishes one day, trying to rack my brain, to come up with a name.... Created With Hope... My daughter is Madilyn Hope - and she, and my son, are my inspiration for everything I'm trying so hard to accomplish. 

We are now growing and expanding just as how I dreamed of doing. And I am so so thankful for each and everyone of my customers - 

So, THANK YOU - with all my love.
from my home, to yours